VLC SyncPlay


This is a small Windows application that makes it easy to start playing looping clips using VLC Player with NDI output. SyncPlay also setups a unique TCP/IP communication ports for each instance of VLC so that you can control playback via macros running on TrICaster Advanced Edition v2 systems. 




  • Automatically suppress display of clip name over video at start of playback

  • Documentation updated with settings for VLC Player v3 usage


  • Improved error handling if VLC Player not found.


  • Application re-written in Visual Basic, no more warning message when application starts


  • First public release. 


The application download link below contains software that was independently created from NewTek and Vizrt.  It makes no claims on their copyrights or corporate branding.  No support for this applications from these companies is implied or included and they are not responsible for any loss or damage in connection to the use of this application.  The use of this software is at your own risk.  By downloading this software you are accepting this agreement.