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Kane's World

Party Time! Excellent!

It was back in 1994 that I started the original Kane's World website.  Back then, it was hand written HTML that brought you this little wonder of the web.  It seems hard to believe now, but when the first Kane's World website was posted, few people had even heard of the web and even fewer had a seen a page on it.


I designed many of the graphics using Lightwave, there was even a spinning globe animation on the banner at the top of the page (cutting edge web animation at the time!)  My site was the location to get information about emulation on the Amiga computer, mainly Macintosh System 7.x emulation using EMPLANT and DOS/Windows 3.x emulation with Commodore's BridgeBoard. CyberGraphX ReTargetable Graphics system was another topic examined on my site.  Kane's World was also one of the first web pages to bring you life like virtual reality using my custom developed 'Virtual Apartment' technology!


It has been almost two decades without a Kane's World website, time for it to come back.  Let's see what the future holds...

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