This web app will allow you to import a spreadsheet of CSV (comma separated values) data.  The information will be displayed in a spreadsheet-like view.  The lines of data can be selected and pushed into DataLink values on to a TriCaster.  A TriCaster with Advanced Edition is required.


A sample CSV is included, it will be placed on the desktop after install. 


Version 190215

- Updated installer for AE2 and AE3 systems.

Version 180921

- Added 'Send and Advance' option.

- Keyboard shortcuts added, use up/down arrow keys for selection.

- Separate highlights for sent data (red) and selected data (blue).

- Added ability to send DataLink information to multiple TriCaster systems (thanks to Brett Beanan for this feature).

- Added ability to Send and Advance by following tally status of a selected channel.

- Updated sample CSV with image paths to demonstrate DataLink image update method.

- Minor UI fixes.

Version 180311

- Allow use of port 5952, when SkypeTX is active on TC1/VMC1 systems.

Version 170508

- Installs correctly on all TriCaster Advanced Edition systems, TriCaster TC1 and IP Series.

- Updated to new 'set_datalink' command for Rev 5, TC1 and IP Sereies systems.

Version 170217

- UI fixes/enchancments

- Installer correctly places flies on IP Series system

Version 170205

- App now compatible with AE1, thanks to Juha Koivisto

- Special handling of XML reserved characters

- Bug fixes

Version 170123

- Code cleanup


Version 170122

- First Public Release

The application download link below contains software that was independently created from NewTek and Vizrt.  It makes no claims on their copyrights or corporate branding.  No support for this applications from these companies is implied or included and they are not responsible for any loss or damage in connection to the use of this application.  The use of this software is at your own risk.  By downloading this software you are accepting this agreement.

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