AirPlay Mirroring into TriCaster


Feeding the display of an iPad into a TriCaster is becoming a common request.  AirPlay Mirroring allows you to send the iPad display wirelessly to a receiving device like AppleTV.  While AppleTV is an acceptable way to perform this task, it does use a TriCaster video input and also requires the use of a HDMI to SDI/Analog converter.  The document below will explain another solution using software running on another PC to receive the AirPlay Mirroring content and send it into a TriCaster's NET input.   While this paper discusses AirPlay Mirroring in depth, there is some information that can help with non-Apple devices as well. 


This workflow is compatible with TriCaster Standard Edition & Advanced Edition (v1 or v2) systems.  AirPlay functionally has also been added into NewTek Connect Pro.






  • Updated document with additional ChromeCast information.


  • Updated document with additional Miracast information.


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